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Swirlz Creamery Rolls Into Town

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Swirlz Creamery is a new ice cream shop that serves rolled handmade ice cream. Surrounded by popular restaurants, such as Bonchon and Half and Half, Swirlz Creamery makes for a convenient hangout spot for students.

Upon walking in, the workers greeted me with a friendly welcome immediately. The red pops of color from the sofa seats complimented the simple wall art to create an interesting, modern theme.

The menu features six dairy flavors with a wide variety of toppings. I ordered the Strawberry Balsamic because I was in the mood for something both fruity and sweet. The total cost was around seven dollars plus tax, but a check in on Yelp will score you a one dollar discount.

Customers can watch the process of how workers mix, churn, and roll the ice cream. I would say it is a rather unique experience from traditional ice cream shops that normally scoop their ice cream out of a tub. I liked how my ice cream was drizzled with syrup and topped off with strawberry wafers. The overall look was pleasing and perfect for pictures.

The ice cream is ideal if you are looking for a light dessert. The strawberry flavor did not overwhelm the rest of the ice cream and the portions are reasonable for seven dollars. The quality ingredients created a fresh, balanced taste. I liked how the consistency and temperature was not too soft or too cold.

From a gender neutral bathroom to a cold water dispenser, I can tell that the shop pays great attention to detail in satisfying the various needs of customers. However, the atmosphere of the shop could improve with the addition of music.

Swirlz Creamery’s quality ingredients and friendly customer service delivers. I look forward to coming back and trying out their other flavors. I definitely recommend trying Swirlz Creamery, especially if you never had rolled ice cream before.


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