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It is very often that you find an infinite runner, also known as an endurance kind of game to see how far the player can achieve before they fail, on the mobile app store. But with a unique twist that turns the game from an automated runner, into a 2D side scroller. Probably not the first of it’s kind, but Cookie Run is certainly notable. Nevertheless, Devsisters’ own Cookie Run franchise has boomed in popularity from the rather small group of followers to grow to a point that a spinoff was required and made, under the title Cookie Wars.

In full retrospect, the franchise contains only three titles, with two of them being extremely similar and acting as a migration from system to system via sequel. The first game, Cookie Run LINE, is not even playable or downloadable by regular means. In short, they halted development on the LINE version in favor of the independent sequel, Cookie Run Ovenbreak.

The games are most recognizable for their overly adorable designs of gingerbread men and women based on different flavors of pastries or snacks. It can be as attractive as it can be repetitive, because only a select few of the 70+ characters are actually “hybrids” or not of the same humanoid base. This does not hold the game’s experience back though; the art is really well-done and literal eye candy.

As for gameplay, it is quite simple” your player chooses a character, or cookie, and run through a side scrolling gauntlet of obstacles and traps. As you run, the cookie and optional relay cookie lose stamina and eventually pass out, ending your run. Every character has a pet, or a “combi,” that gains special effects if both the cookie and pet are paired up, but there are a few exceptions to this rule, for instance, the legendary units do not have combis, nor the pets.

This almost never changes, at least not drastically. The infinite runner tropes are still intact. For example: “Collect X objects”, “Use X Cookie and X Pet”, “Destroy X Obstacles”. Cookie Run does not need to switch things up often though; the formula is sweet to play and hard to master.

But that is exactly what Devsisters did. Introducing, Cookie Wars, a spinoff that came out recently in America.

It proved to be difficult to say much about anything in this game. The gameplay is just Clash Royale with Cookie Run characters from the side angle, and it includes a story mode. Should you take time out of your day to play this entry? I’d say only if you are a die hard Cookie Run fan, but for Ovenbreak, I recommend that game for a cute little experience you can play when you happen to be on any sort of downtime.

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