Nguyen promoted to Mark Keppel High School after 11 years of teaching

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Math teacher Nicolas Nguyen was promoted to the position of Assistant Principal of Student and Employee Welfare at Mark Keppel High School (MKHS). He officially left on Sept. 7, after 11 years in the classroom.

“I was looking for a transition,” Nguyen said. “Being prepared? Of course [I am].”

Nguyen has both the credentials for working as an assistant principal and teacher. Despite changing jobs, his objectives and values remain consistent; he wants to work with a bigger part of the student population.  

“At the end of the day, my goal and my philosophy in education is [to raise] successful students and being able to experience working directly with students,” Nguyen said.

After moving to MKHS, Nguyen hopes to expand his reach to people not just in the classroom or math department, but schoolwide. He expects to work more with adults and be more of a leader.

“I’m excited and I’m looking forward to [this assignment],” Nguyen said. “It gives me the opportunity to make a greater impact in [the] student body.”

His background and focus in science, technology, engineering, math, and English-learning have also had their effect on his teaching during his time here. He developed these skills during his time as a NASA intern as well.

“[Interning at NASA] builds technical skills that you can bring into the classroom with real-life experiences,” Nguyen said. “Not just textbook concepts, but how they apply in real-life situations.”

As leader of the math department, Nguyen worked diligently while considering his students.

“He showed a great compassion with his duties,” math teacher Kevin Nong said. “He put people first and cared about his students.”

Nguyen was the adviser of Math, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) club.

“Nguyen ensured that MESA not only met expectations, but surpassed them as well,” Iris Zhou, alumna and former cabinet member of MESA, said. “He created an engaging community and… help[ed] students win exceptional numbers of awards.”  

He was also popular because of his kind disposition and comedic behavior.

“[I’m going to miss] his kind heart and the way he treats his students,” sophomore Olivia Chung said. “He wasn’t always serious about math. He added jokes.”

Before leaving, Nguyen gave the school a parting message.

“It’s important to have a mindset that anyone can do something if they work hard at it,” Nguyen said. “And the gift of our students is that everyone can learn.”


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