School board election cancelled

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This year’s Alhambra Unified School District (AUSD) school board election has been cancelled following the dropout of running candidates James Kurilich and Bobbi Breusch. Instead, the remaining unopposed candidates, Robert Gin and Joanna Russell-Chavez, will be appointed to their respective positions.

Breusch was originally set to run for the fifth nominating district against Russell-Chavez. However, she was disqualified from running because she was unable to gather the required amount of signatures needed to run, per AUSD rules.

Kurilich was originally running for the fourth nominating district against Gin. He said that he dropped out from running due to the complexity of the election and the time and cost needed to run a campaign.

“I feel that the process and cost for local community service positions is too high a barrier for entry,” Kurilich said, “and this is just one reason why people don’t run for election.”

In response to his opponent dropping out, Gin said he felt surprised, but also glad that he did not need to spend money campaigning. However, he did note that he would not have been afraid to run against Kurilich.

“If there is more than one candidate running, than the voters will decide who will be the best person to represent them on the school board,” Gin said.

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