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Colorguard finds a new leader

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Over the summer, difficulties arose when Colorguard was shut down by Diana Diaz-Ferguson, Assistant Principal of Activities, when she realized that the group was purely student-run.

“She noticed that we didn’t officially have an adviser, so she made it mandatory,” junior Kenneth Nguyen said.
Colorguard turned to the new band director, Benjamin Coria, for help; however, no solution came out of it.

“During the summer, we didn’t have an adviser because [the old band director] left,” junior Kasey Pham said. “I think it was a lot on [Coria] because he’s in charge of band right now, so, that should be his main focus.”

Members of the team were told misleading information from the administration about the situation concerning their adviser.

“The school assigned a director but they never really told us who it was,” Nguyen said. “We thought [a band alumnus] would’ve [led Colorguard], but he bailed out.”

After two months of struggling without an adviser, band alumnus John San stepped up to bat.

“It’s good to have a figure of authority that you know at some personal level,” Nguyen said. “Honestly, he’s probably the best we’d ever want. [He’s] a lot better than anyone the school would’ve stuck with us.”

Colorguard was able to push through all of the hardships thrown at them and comfortably settle with an experienced adviser.

“[San] is actually enforcing the rules and is also open to change,” sophomore Shirley Hau said, “He is demonstrating more leadership skills than our old adviser.”

Now, with the help of its new adviser, Colorguard is continuing to work hard to learn new skills and improve as a team.

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