Age is just a number

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The age of a person determines more things than expected. Theoretically, if age is just a number, then it does not decide what one can and cannot do.
Depending on the age of a person, they would be placed into the following categories: toddler, kid, teen, and so on. Depending on the age group someone lands in and how they were raised, it typically determines the treatment that they would receive from others. Normally, the youths respect elders. This practice is definitely nice, but why are there different treatments depending on which age group one is in?
Everyone should be respected no matter what age group they land in because every person is human and deserves some form of honor. Elders have a sense of wisdom and understand things more, but that does not necessarily mean the other age groups are educated. Many would say elders know more because they have been through a lot, however, some youths go through just as many sticky situations that people could learn from.
Society looks down on those who do not treat their elders with respect; however, some people do not see elders as anything more. Some people see everyone as equals which means those people do not see any age constrictions to determine the treatment they receive.
Despite the difference in opinion that people may have on the different age groups and how it presents different sets of expectations of treatment they deserve, everyone deserves the same of similar treatments. Everyone deserves the same rights as one another because everyone is human and there should not be anything that sets the standards on age groups. People all should have the same opportunities and be respected the same. No matter how old someone is, they may need some sense of respect due to their circumstances.
Overall, age should not determine how much respect one person should get. Everyone should be respectful to begin with because they should always treat people the way they want to be treated.

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