Water sprinklers aggravate California’s water shortage

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Water sprinklers are convenient– they help keep lawns green and flowers blooming. They can be automatically set to do the job of a gardener, so it saves trouble. At the same time, however, automatic sprinklers waste a lot of water if they are not regulated well. They may be sprinkling water onto sidewalks for extended periods of time and drive up water bills.

California has always had its problems with water, and this is especially more evident further up north. Portable toilets welcome people at entrances of magnificent tourist attractions such as Hearst Castle as a way of conserving water. However, because the city of Los Angeles has major shares on the Colorado River, many people living there and in the surrounding suburbs do not realize the scarcity of water throughout the state. As long as people can get their water for cheap prices, people will not be pushed to conserve it.

Homeowner and businesses should monitor their sprinklers and adjust them so that they will water lawns more efficiently and for a shorter duration. Water is, after all, a finite source.

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