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Two patties and a slice of cheese disappoint hungry student

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Schools should be nurturing students like a parental figure; after all, if educational institutions always preach about morals, ethics, and success in life, they should also be doing their job at taking care of students’ other needs. However, I have been severely disappointed today with the meal I received. There were still 20 minutes to go for the lunch period, and the cafeteria was running severely low on food. I was hoping to at least salvage one of the pizzas in reserve, but those had just run out as well. What I ended up with were two dry patties and a slice of American cheese. Dismayed, I sat down with my friends and nibbled on the cheese for the rest of break time. Even now as I type this article in rage, my tummy rumbles and storms in protest of the lack of protein in today’s lunch. The poor students who have to prioritize other tasks above waiting in the horrendous battlefield that we call the ‘lunch line’ do not deserve this. The cafeteria should always be prepared to give out complete entrees instead of a Franken-meal that does not meet nutrition standards, especially for students that have to pay for their school lunch. 

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