Punish a Muslim Day’s mighty twist

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The recent weeks down in the United Kingdom has provided fear and skepticism over a series of fliers found around local areas. These flyers advertise an event, but not an event of park gatherings, rather a much more sinister “game.”

The holiday made from thin air is nothing more than a 24-hour period dedicated to insulting the entire Muslim kind and even attempt racial genocide. The holiday has been dubbed “Punish a Muslim Day” and marked the farse to be April 3rd of 2018. The source of the flyers’ origin remains unknown.

The vulgar day of slandering held a sadistic game as mentioned earlier. A points system, replicating those at actual events, was foretold to bring rewards to anyone who did the following acts of torture to any Muslim kind, which ranged from simple verbal abuse to even the nuclear devastation of Mecca.

The reception was mixed, but no positive reaction appeared to be reported. Especially down in London where Muslims, terrified for their lives, spoke out. The commotion was too much for only the UK, which leaked into social media in the US as well.

A twist of events from April 3rd led to “Punish a Muslim Day” to be flipped into “Protect a Muslim Day”, the exact opposite of the hostility. A Twitter account by the names of @JamillaTweets arranged the counter holiday to reassure safety and care for anyone mentally harmed by the intentions of the hate letters. They even parodied the points system and made a version where all the tasks are directed to help Muslims, from smiling at one to even purchasing a Hajj package for a Muslim family.

It’s safe to say this isn’t what the marauder had in mind. While investigations are still underway to find this perpetrator, zero casualties from possible violent acts were made, nor any violent acts were committed at all.

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