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Bagged orange juice flops

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San Gabriel High School’s cafeteria caught students by surprise with the introduction of bagged orange juice last week. It was a true novelty, as bagged liquids of any kind are new and unheard of in this community. However, if the orange juice bags were meant to improve students’ lunching experiences, then they have clearly failed.

Both the bags and the normal cartons come from the brand Driftwood, and the liquid contents are identical, so the only differences to look at are the external factors. The soft, unstable and floppy packaging does not hold up well against the conventional carton, and these flaws are critical for students that travel around the campus during the lunch hour. Without safe and proper support available for the bags, spillage is more likely to occur. There is no specific spot on the bag for straws to go through, so with the flat straws provided by the school, it may be difficult to try to open up an airway without risk of spilling the contents inside. 

Despite its obvious flaws, being able to try drinking orange juice out of a flimsy bag was a brief but refreshing change in the monotonous lunch period. This experiment does show that the cafeteria is not afraid to switch up foods and drinks during the school year, and it is a sign of hope that administration is working on improving the lunch experience for students.

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