Valentine’s Day equality

Valentine’s Day usually calls for a boyfriend to do something extravagant for their girlfriend. However, in this day and age the equality between the genders are slowly increasing.

Nowadays the girlfriends are doing extravagant things for their boyfriend on top of the boyfriends doing something for their girlfriends. These days same sex relationships are becoming more normal with no judgement. Every type of relationship is now comfortably celebrating Valentine’s Day to show their love to their significant other.

Girlfriends and boyfriends plan nice dinner plans to show their love or they stay indoors and order take out. Whatever they do both sides of a relationship are taking an even part in celebrating Valentine’s Day to show the appreciation for one another. This allows the boyfriends to see that they are not always required to do something expensive to show their appreciation to their girlfriends.

The standards of how the boyfriends should do something expensive for their girlfriend is starting to deteriorate and being to increase the equality between what the boyfriends and girlfriends have to do on Valentine’s Day. The pressure no longer is placed upon the boyfriend to take their girlfriend out and now the girlfriend finally could be seen at the same level as the boyfriend.

These days, people now understand that the boyfriend and girlfriend could do the same amount to show one another their appreciation equally. The boyfriend and girlfriend do not have to lavish their money for expensive things but instead both could do thoughtful things for one another.

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