Costly friends

Photo by Katherine Huang

The prospect of adding a furry four legged friend to the family is one of the most exciting and life-changing events but it is also one of most expensive. These expenses go beyond their dietary and medical needs. It encompasses extensive time commitment, unwavering loyalty, and most importantly, unconditional love.

Before adopting, it is important to consider the amount of time you are willing to invest into raising a dog or cat (and even more so if they are young). They are nothing short of honing similar behaviors apparent in children, thus requiring a similar amount of care and attention.

Pets can definitely be a handful in the beginning but the rewards and bond you receive in return undermine the challenges that come with them. If you lack the patience or commitment to clean up when they disorder your house several times, a pet might not be the best idea for you. Abandoning your pet when you’ve had enough is another sign that you are not ready and should not be responsible for caring for another life form.

Another important factor to assess when considering to introduce a pet into the family is to adopt an animal that accommodates your lifestyle and environment. If you are a home-bug that enjoys staying indoors, a high energy dog would not be your choice. If you live in a smaller space, the larger breeds of dogs should be out of the question. By forcing an incompatible pet into your life only brings misery and headaches to the animal and person.

It goes without saying that you should do your research before adopting a pet and these are some of the most crucial points to evaluate before taking any action.

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