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Whenever I listen to songs, I always think about how their titles fit into them. Often times, the names of songs come from repeated phrases in the chorus. For example, Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me received its name from the chorus. As for Monody, the name seems to come from the style of music that it embodies.

A monody is a style of music that incorporates a single, distinct melody with a vocal line. Aptly named, Monody by TheFatRat repeats a melody and then transitions into Laura Brehm’s solo.

My favorite part of the song is Laura Brehm’s solo vocal. Her mesmerizing voice contrasts with the song’s techno theme and feel. Wanting to find more songs by her, I searched up her YouTube channel and listened to a couple of her songs. To my surprise, I found out that she sung in Feint’s We Won’t Be Alone, a song that I had found last year.

Songs by TheFatRat always seem to incorporate beats from Unity, one if its most popular songs. This causes all its songs to feel very similar to me when I listen to them. Often times, I mix up the songs when looking for them. In particular, this song leaves me with a sense of nostalgia.

“Summer in the hills, those hazy days I do remember,” Brehm sings.

With over six months of school to go, I long for the carefree summer days. Monody makes me reminisce about the days where I could lie around and play games without worrying about homework assignments.

Listen to TheFatRat’s Monody here.

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