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BTS flies to top with WINGS

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Debuting in 2013, the korean boy group, BTS, has enjoyed much success through their excitable performances, and relatable songs. After their three part trilogy, beginning with their third mini album, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt.1, and ending with the special album, Young Forever, BTS has now released their second full studio album, WINGS.

While their three part trilogy talked about the hardships and the complicated feelings of youth, WINGS spreads the message of the seduction and temptations during youth. The album consists of 15 tracks, 7 of which are solo songs by each individual member.

Me being an avid listener of BTS songs, I was once again shocked by the outstanding quality and production of the album as a whole. I could tell that each member has improved in skill since debuting. I also like the fact that the songs on this album are not just about love, but about their own personal stories about their past or their worries. These songs are extremely relatable, even to a listener who does not understand Korean, because these are stories that anyone throughout any part of the world may have experienced.

I personally recommend the tracks, Awake, and Lost. Awake by member Jin, is a ballad song that speaks about his struggles and worries of not being as talented or as skilled as the other members, while Lost is a song about being lost in life and feeling like you’re stuck in the same place.



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