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Quick, easy kimchi fried rice recipe

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When feeling too lazy to make a gourmet meal to eat with family, making kimchi fried rice the quick and easy way is the best choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Although it may not have an ample amount of ingredients, it still tastes delicious and satisfies one’s stomach. This recipe is accessible to anyone with a stove, a pan, and a love for Korean food.

The ingredients in this recipe are rice, kimchi from any brand, chicken powder, sesame oil, soy sauce, red pepper paste, spam, and garlic. Adding an egg is optional.

The first step to getting started is to cut up and be on standby with all the ingredients. First, cut up the garlic and spam. You may cut the spam into small cubes or into any shape. The kimchi should also be cut up in small pieces order to make it easier to fry and to go into someone’s mouth.

After preparing the ingredients, turn up the stove to a low or medium fire and pour vegetable oil onto the pan in order to avoid stickiness. Next, put the garlic onto the pan and stir it around until it is a light brown. Afterward, add the spam and kimchi and fry until you feel it is ready. Then, add the rice and all the other ingredients in any order and however much of each ingredient you would like. Stir around the whole thing until you feel it is ready.

After finishing, it will be ready to serve and will have definitely been worth your time. Basically, the whole recipe has a lot of freedom and is up to you what you want to add and how much you want to add.

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