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Artist Laura Brehm shakes the hearts of many EDM lovers

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Coming back home after swim practice, completing homework with music playing in the background is the norm. After listening to the same playlists every single day, the daily routine can get dull and mundane.

One day, I discovered the playlist of NightBlue3, a well known game streamer. I listened to the songs without much consideration as I was too concentrated on completing homework. A certain song started playing and its chorus grabbed my attention. The vocals were absolutely mesmerizing, and they rocked my soul to the core. It was one of those songs where you yearned to play it over and over again.

The song was called “Don’t Wait” by an artist named Laura Brehm. She was a vocalist, songwriter, and musician. Once I discovered her, it was as if I unlocked an entire new world of music. There were multitude of songs that featured her, and she had many songs of her own as well.

During a conversation with Tom Cheah, he asked what type of music I enjoyed. I mentioned Laura Brehm, and I was so surprised to hear that he knew her too. She was not as well known as other artists. He showed me two songs he personally loved; one was from 2010 and the other was from 2016. I listened to both, and I noticed immense change and improvement.

It’s no wonder why she is one of the most sought vocalists for Electronic Dance Music, or better known as EDM, today. I hope she continues growing as an artist and receives the recognition she deserves.

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