San Gabriel’s New Counselor

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Just this year, San Gabriel got a new counselor. If you haven’t heard already, Mr. Jimenez joined our school staff this year. When asked about how he ended up at our school, Mr. Jimenez explained how he was seeking professional development, hoping to grow with his career during his employment here at the school. During the pandemic, he took a 3 year break from his work at high schools. He claimed that when he joined SG this year, he was taking an opportunity with our academics and wanted to benefit the school.

He said that he used to work at Alhambra high school before the pandemic, and it sure was an experience. He also added that if he didn’t pursue his counseling career, he would have considered doing military work. His dad was drafted for Vietnam, and that changed his view on life. His dad grew to love America and I believe Mr. Jimenez would want to follow in his footsteps.

Mr. Jimenez grew up in East Los Angeles, and grew to love his community. He thought, when he was older, he’d love to give back to his community. He received education from USC and studied psychology. I can see very well that this has got him far. He initially decided on counseling because of his family background. Life was tough as a child, and he wanted to pull through. He claimed he likes working with young people, guiding young minds is definitely beneficial for their development as they progress into adulthood. He did work as a social worker before leaning into counseling, so he has experience working with children. He has an inclination towards education and values it as well. Mr. Jimenez is a determination driven person and will most likely do well in his work here during his career at San Gabriel.

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