"I love looking at the mirror because I look good,," Loc said.

Brian Loc is jacked

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Clammy hands, music blasting in his ears, the cold steel barbell in his hands — sophomore Brian Loc was ready to finish his final set. Letting out one last breath, he lifted the barbell off of his chest. Joy engulfed him, it was a new personal record. A smile on his face, Loc stood from the bench, happy as ever.

Springing back from sudden heartbreak as a freshman, Loc began to watch videos about self-improvement, wanting to find new goals for himself. After participating in the cross-country and track and field team, he was able to meet peers that would soon jumpstart his journey. 

“I met [former students] Tommy Troung and Brandon Phan, who were working out at the time,” Loc said. “I started exercising with them and that’s how I started everything.”

This past summer, an opportunity had arisen: a three-month free membership for all students at Planet Fitness.

“At first, I began going to Planet Fitness,” Loc said. “But, now I go to LA Fitness and I swim there, from time-to-time.”

Regardless of how frequently someone visits the gym, it always takes a tremendous amount of dedication. Loc is no exception. However, his steady improvement motivates him to continue exercising consistently. 

“I love seeing improvements in my body whenever I workout,” Loc said. “Whether it be on specific workout or overall looks, it’s satisfying to see myself change over time. In general, I try not to compare myself with others and continue in my own direction.”

In the end, Loc has always been dedicated to going to the gym. Whether it be seeing improvements or relieving stress, going to the gym has become a daily routine for him. 

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