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The companionship and loyalty of your pets are worth more than anything. With their endless hours of entertainment to their unconditional love, pets never fail to make your day. For some pet owners, their furry friends are not just pets, but family. 

Originally, my cat’s name was Karai, but my mom changed it to Lucky. I’m grateful for Lucky because everytime I cry, she’s always looking at me even though she just wants food. Lucky makes us really happy and less stressed. Most of the time, she doesn’t care unless it comes to treats or food.

Justin Yu, Junior

My pet, Jolly Garlic Sycip, is important to me because he brings me so much joy and he’s just like a son to me. Jolly is there for me whenever I’m feeling happy or not. He’s always there to greet me even when I just got home! I would describe Jolly as a ‘pick me’ because he will attack other birds if you give them attention instead of him.

Joyce Sycip, Junior

I can’t imagine what my life was before having a pet. I never had a pet prior to Pepper and the joy she’s brought to our lives is not something I’ve ever realized. I’m thankful that Pepper has seen me through tough moments such as the pandemic because the pandemic was so lonely and I was home by myself. She brings happiness to my day and I always look forward to going home. She’s very energetic and playful. She also does funny things and she’s just a really happy dog.

Virginia Vasquez, Teacher

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