Government-funded tuition is necessary for future

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Pursuing a higher education through college is an amazing path to start one’s potential career in many fields. However, the cost of tuition continues to rise, making it difficult for average Americans to be able to obtain a college degree, without taking on loans. In order to make colleges more affordable, public institutions’ tuition must be government-funded to allow all students to pursue higher education, eventually benefiting the economy and society as a whole.

Due to college’s high cost,  approximately 58% of adult Americans do not have a college degree of some type. If college became easily accessible to those people, more would acquire higher education, allowing the population to better understand the world around us, and become educated on topics like social inequality and climate change. Having more people understand the complexities of such topics can provide different perspectives to tackle the issues.  

There is a clear disparity in education between low-income and  high-income people in the country. Students who come from privileged backgrounds are able to afford and excel in college, something that low-income students cannot easily obtain. It is unfair that a college degree can only be earned by those who are able to afford it. Every student has the potential to pursue their dream degree and career if they were given the chance, which can be achieved if college is free. 

Some say that more people with higher education will increase competition in certain job fields, which makes it harder for people to get a job. However, for innovation within different fields, such as technology, to occur, there needs to be people who have the resources to do so. Colleges have a plethora of tools that allow students to develop their critical thinking skills, enabling them to develop new ideas. But, if education is not available for everyone, some may miss out on said “opportunities,” resulting in a potential loss in innovation. The new discoveries could have been a push for more jobs, which would improve the economy. 

Having a well-educated country is crucial for a successful future, which  is why government funded tuition is necessary for low-income Americans. The economy, as well as citizens’ well-being, would continue to improve, allowing for a future free of social inequalities for the future of the country.

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