Photo Illustration by Mytam Le. Junior Audrey Tran enjoys practicing the piano and singing along to various songs such as "Traitor" by Olivia Rodrigo and "All I Want" by Kodaline.

Tran finds life flat without music

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Her long fingers rest on the C major scale in preparation for the first note. Junior Audrey Tran sits down on her piano bench, playing each note with a perfect rhythm on the piano. Tran immersed herself in listening and playing to music as a young child, allowing her to gain more confidence in everyday life. 

Initially, Tran did not take an interest in music until she started singing and playing the piano. She started off joining her elementary school’s choir, furthering her interest in music. Additionally, she was inspired by her older sisters to play the piano. 

“There wasn’t anything that really prompted my interest in singing,” Tran said. “I’ve just always been able to do it, so the first chance I had to join my elementary school’s choir, I did. For the piano, my older sisters have been playing it since I was young, and I wanted to be like them.”

Tran soon became invested in music, participating in concerts at her elementary and middle schools. She enjoyed the exciting and unparalleled experience whenever performing on the stage. Playing at recitals won her multiple, hard-earned, fulfilling awards. 

“I’ve only participated in concerts and musicals at my past schools,” Tran said. “However, I have played in many recitals for piano and won either Branch or State honors every year for my piano evaluation, and to receive honors for my evaluations makes me proud. There are requirements you have to meet, like memorizing all my pieces and playing them well.”

Her experiences from performing made her feel more assertive in day-to-day interactions with others. It gave her a chance to be more sociable whether in the classroom or outside of school. Gaining so much from music, Tran always makes time for her hobby. 

“Music has made me smarter, happier, and more confident,” Tran said. “Being on stage these last 10 years taught me to carry myself, even when I’m not performing. There are many things I wouldn’t understand if I wasn’t a musician. Although I won’t pursue music as a career, I’ve enjoyed this as a hobby, and I will probably sing and play piano forever.”

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