Photo courtesy of Alondra Zubiate. Senior Alondra Zubiate’s models for her Instagram post showing her chic outfit. “Someone has told me that I dress like a 2000s pop punk princess,” Zubiate says. “I incorporate a lot of grunge and gothic styles into my everyday outfits.”

Zubiate zips into newfound confidence

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Slipping into her black Dr. Martens, her colorful skirt with fishnets underneath, and a leather jacket, her outfit is almost done. Obviously, her outfit is never fully complete without a couple pairs of earrings and some bracelets. 

Inspired by the early 2000s fashion, senior Alondra Zubiate’s punk and gothic style is incomparable. She looked up to various icons, as their style and confidence drew her in more. The combination of colorful tops and unique accessories were eye-catching and striking to her. 

That ‘70s Show heavily influenced the way I wanted to dress, especially Jackie Burkhart—I was always obsessed with all of her outfits,” Zubiate said. “I am also heavily influenced by 2000s Latin artists such as Belinda, Shakira, J.Lo, and Rebelde.”

Zubiate continues to look up to various celebrities, not only for fashion inspiration, but ways to express her confidence. However, Zubiate did not always dress the way she does now as her parents were more strict on what she could and could not wear. 

“Growing up, I was a lot more restricted to what I could and couldn’t wear,” Zubiate said. “I have always loved the punk style, the 2000s style, and the emo/goth style. Those styles weren’t as common anymore, so I was also afraid of being judged by others. During the middle of the pandemic in 2020, I began to dress the way I wanted because there weren’t many people around me to judge the way I dressed, which helped me build the confidence I have now.”

Although restricted before, Zubiate now dresses the way she has always dreamed of. With her planned outfits, Zubiate finds different ways to express her creativity and confidence. 

“If I’m feeling sad or out of it, I tend to not try as much on my outfits and wear whatever I find first,” Zubiate said. “But when I’m feeling good about myself, I try to plan an outfit. When I love my outfit, my confidence is boosted to the max.”

As Zubiate continues to build on her confidence with experimenting with different styles, she feels that her confidence is not at its height yet. She understands the struggle of yearning to go outside the “norm” in fashion and provides words of encouragement to those who may be on the boat.

“To the people who are afraid of dressing the way they want, I would suggest wearing whatever makes you feel comfortable and content with yourself,” Zubiate said. “That’s easier said than done, but at the end of the day, you’re the one living in your own skin, not the people around you.”

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