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Freakishly good movies checklist

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  1. Spiderwick Chronicles – Netflix  

From flying fairies to shape-shifting ogres, this American fantasy movie is filled with magical creatures. The plot is driven by twins Jared and Simon Grace, with their sister, Mallory Grace. When the Grace family moves into their great-great-aunt’s old victorian house, a book written by his great-great-grandfather catches Jared’s eye. However, when nearby ogres discover that the Graces are in possession of the book, they begin swarming to the family. It is now up to the Graces to protect the book at all costs to prevent humanity’s demise.  

  1. Monster House – Hulu  

In this comedy-horror film, three friends, DJ Walters, Charles “Chowder,” and Jenny Bennet, join forces to save their neighborhood from a ghastly and life-like house that holds a painful and chilling history. Bennet, Walters, and Chowder explore the strange, eerie building, facing thousands of obstacles, however, they continue on in hopes of finding the truth to the ominous building.   

  1. Frankenweenie – Disney Plus  

A new take on the classic novel Frankenstein, Frankenweenie tells a story of a young boy, Victor Frankenstein and his dog, Sparky. Heartbroken after Sparky’s death, Frankenstein brings his dog back to life with the help of a massive thunderstorm. As he tries to keep Sparky’s resurrection under wraps, his peers also discover how to bring the dead back to life, and the town is swarmed with monstrous animals. Even filled with fear, Frankenstein and Sparky endeavour to save the town. 

  1. ParaNorman – Buy on Youtube for $2.99

Norman Babcock has the power to communicate with the dead, but a social outcast at his school, so he prefers talking to and befriending the dead. One day, his deceased uncle, Prenderghast, informs him of an old curse coming to the town, which will result in the town taken over by grotesque zombies. Babcock gathers all of his courage to save the town. 

  1. The Haunted Mansion – Disney Plus 

When real-estate agent Jim Evers brings his family to a spooky listing, they find themselves stuck in a curse left by the ghosts of Master Edward Gracey and his deceased lover, Elizabeth Henshaw. Evers and his children now have to escape the ghostly mansion to save his wife, who is trapped with Gracey, before it is too late.

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