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‘Genshin Impact’ strikes as a unique game

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“Genshin Impact” is a free open-world action and adventure role-playing game that was released on Sept. 28. The game implements gacha features where a player must pay and roll for their loot to obtain materials and characters. Although accused of being a copy of other open-world games, its unique storylines, mechanics, characters, and maps definitely separates “Genshin Impact” from the competition.

“Genshin Impact” has many unique qualities. For one, the overall design is very anime-like, straying away from the realistic look other games have. For a free game, the graphics look super clean and polished when running or flying throughout the world. The world of “Genshin Impact” is filled with vivid colors, as you wander through the bright green scenery. Even the animations in attacks look smooth and satisfying when  fighting monsters, as there are various different attacks for each specific character. 

The combat system is also very unique, as all the characters have different elements they can control, like fire or lightning. These elements come in handy when fighting monsters that have weaknesses to certain elements. Players control up to a party of four characters who each have unique movesets. There are regular attacks, elemental attacks that have bonus effects on certain monsters, and an ultimate attack. This way, the game encourages the player to progress by leveling up all of their characters, not just one. These special combos add an important depth towards how the combat mechanics work.

Although it is a free game, I did not enjoy the gacha aspect of it. When rolling for a character, the player spends actual money or acquire Acquaint Fates that allow them to roll in the game in order to obtain characters or materials. When they do so, nothing is certain. If there is a specific character that a player  wants that looks cute or cool, they  may wind up with another character instead. This feels more like a hidden way of  gambling since  nothing is certain. Even though the game gives you free characters in the beginning, there are a total of 23 characters in the game. 

In conclusion, I believe “Genshin Impact” is a great game to play. For a free-to-play game, “Genshin Impact” allows more than enough gameplay for players to have fun. The gameplay ranges from the main storyline to side stories that one  can play through. That said, if someone does not enjoy achieving higher levels playing it constantly, then I would not recommend this game. “Genshin Impact” is free on mobile, PC, and console, with cross-platform with friends available when reaching level 16. 

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