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The school year ended in a way that no one could predict, but I clearly recall how it started. I was told “good luck” by the former newspaper editors, and I took those words for granted, truly. This paper takes work, and if it weren’t for the amazing staff behind it, I don’t think I would have survived. In fact, if it weren’t for journalism, I would not have continued my passion for writing. Whether it was embarrassingly singing “Happy Birthday” to unassuming staff members or scolding people for changing the font on our spreadsheets to Comic Sans, there was never a dull moment in H2.

The pieces I have written, whether I’m proud of them or not, have defined who I am as a journalist, and I cannot wait to continue this passion when I am in university. I am not a person that shows sentiment frequently, but I say with full confidence that the Matador Newspaper will be in good hands next year. The new members who I met this year show so much promise and enthusiasm that will make the paper flourish in years to come.

To our wonderful adviser and to my wonderful staff, sincerely thank you. Thank you for your efforts to make our paper as beautiful and as powerful as it. I am so proud of what we have achieved this year, and I hope that when this virus is over, I could give all of you a big hug and tell you that you did well protecting the freedom of speech of San Gabriel High’s students.

Kimberly Quiocho

2019-20 Editor-in-Chief, Media

My time in newspaper has been, to say the least, life-changing. I found myself growing in ways I never thought I would: I improved my writing, yes, but I also let my passion for journalism set sail. I unlocked a new set of ambitions and wanted nothing more than to improve. 

Being added to a group chat named “2019-20 Matador EICs” by Ms. Kim was the official start of another new chapter of my life. I still remember doubting that it was real, mostly due to how subtle the announcement was, but also because I had a hard time believing that I deserved this position. Admittedly and most certainly not secretly, I was terrified for what was to come. 

As the year progressed, though, you all showed me that there was no need to be scared. This year’s staff was a weird concoction of personalities, but we all shared a common goal that brought us together. I owe many thanks to my staff and my co-editors for unbelievable support, cooperation, and love. Whether I had a scowl or smile on my face, I cherish the moments I shared with each of you. 

Though I’m sure we’ve all had things we didn’t want to do, I still see so much potential and crazy determination in all of you. I will always be thankful that I was given the opportunity to be in such a position to see you all grow the way I felt I did. I’m proud of all you’ve done and all you’ll accomplish. 

Lauren Ballesteros

2019-20 Editor-in-Chief, Print

I remember blindly and impulsively checking the box next to Journalism ½, and one interview process later, receiving, to my disbelief, a slip of paper that read “Congratulations!” That’s when I realized this was serious. I anxiously entered the H2 headquarters that first day, greeted by a Britney Spears cardboard cutout and self-deprecating jokes. I was unaware of the memories I’d make in the next three years, more so, that I’d become an editor-in-chief.

Looking back at my naive freshman self, I’ve significantly grown as a person and journalist, and here’s a cliché: H2 has become a second home to me. I spent more hours in H2 than I did my own home. I’ll forever cherish the carelessly thrown drafts and newspapers, the cricket choir within the ceiling lights, the meme shrine, one-sided fights with InDesign, Hamilton karaoke sessions, and font wars. Late-night deadlines were objectively stressful, but the people were what made newspaper worthwhile. I’m grateful that I met a group of eccentric and “whack” personalities in The Matador who, collectively, feel like a dysfunctional but warmhearted family. 

To my staff: Despite our differences and death glare exchanges (mostly on my end), I had the pleasure of knowing each and every one of you. Behind my pessimism and excessive scolding, I am truly proud of y’all and the paper we produced together. My advice: remember to maintain the integrity and drive of a student journalist. I know for a fact you’ll thrive in whatever you put your mind to. Don’t let anyone tell you Comic Sans MS is inferior. Good luck next year, and don’t let me down.

Elsie Wang

2019-20 Editor-in-Chief, Print

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