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Countless families are facing unemployment due to businesses closing and laying off workers as COVID-19 cases increase. As a result, many families are stressed and overwhelmed, both financially and emotionally. In light of these circumstances, the district is doing to the best of its abilities to provide for families and students during these tough times.

Many students lack the internet access or technology to participate in distance learning. In order to assist, the district has been continually passing out chromebooks to students in need. According to the district’s Instagram, administration passed out 6,000 computers and established 600 Hot Spots for families. With the support of the district, families do not have to worry about purchasing new electronics for their child. Students are able to learn without extra concerns during an already stressful time.

Furthermore, starting Sept. 4, the district will provide students 18 and under free breakfast, lunch, and supper on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from noon to 1:30 p.m. Students do not need to be a part of the school district to receive the free meals. Providing students free meals will get them in the proper state of mind to learn and function throughout the rest of the day. They are able to engage more in lessons and not be hungry. The district is doing their best to make all this possible so it lessens the financial burden of many by offering a steady food source for free, which is a huge area of concern for those facing income uncertainties because of the pandemic.

Certainly, many say that the district is not giving out enough for the students. However, these critics are not taking into account the struggles and effort put into providing for the students throughout the entire district. The district has an abundance of responsibilities to handle; for instance, paying staff and personally managing the distribution of meals in several schools. To include a variety of meals, they are partnering with Pick Up Stix, a fast food chain, starting on Sept. 9. The district will continue to seek out and cooperate with different food organizations to support families. In addition, the district set up a “Bus Stop School Meals” program that brings food directly to seven school bus stop locations. This program will assist students that live further away from the schools. The contributions the districts have done for the schools are not limited to these examples, so it is insensitive to assume that the district is not providing enough for the students.

The district has already come to the aid of many families; however, since distance learning puts a temporary hold on sports, the district can give more by using that money for families in need. With this new source of money, the district can aid students by providing necessities such as supplies for class. Additionally, this would help families save money to pay for rent and utility bills that have also increased due to quarantine and hot climates.

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