Students take the stage at Open Mic Night

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Open Mic Night was hosted on Oct. 11 in the Little Theater from 4-6 p.m. by Drama Club as a chance for students to perform in a safe and comfortable space. All students with varying skill sets could perform, and audience tickets cost $1.

“I wanted more students to have the opportunity to perform,” adviser Kelsey McNeilley said. “I wanted them to come and get together and do what they’re passionate about— to share their gifts and talents in a non-judgemental, safe space.”

Aside from acting as a creative outlet for students, Open Mic Night also served as an alternative to the club’s annual Halloween maze which could not be executed due to various conflicts.

“We thought of the maze really late, and we didn’t have that much time to plan it,” senior member Elsie Nyantekyi said. “We also had rehearsals and not enough technical crew.”

Despite setbacks such as performers who decided that they no longer wished to perform, many showcased their talents, ranging from film production, singing, piano, and dancing. Junior Gary Gao, alike many others, performed two songs in an effort to combat his nerves of performing.

“I wanted to perform because I’m really awkward around people,” Gao said. “I wanted to perform to get rid of my fear of stage fright and performance.”

Many performers also said that the audience played an instrumental role in creating a positive environment through their motivation and encouragement.

“We have great people in this school, but they don’t have the opportunity to perform,” Sophomore Tien Nguyen said. “I came to the event and didn’t know what to expect, but this blew my mind. I was speechless and amazed.”

The event ended by offering any audience members the chance to go on stage to perform, inviting many new performers and old ones back onto the stage.

“We had a lot of performers and audience members come out,” adviser Kelsey McNeilley said. “I’m glad everyone came together and made this magical little night happen where we [could] all get together and share.”

The club foresees hosting the event again next semester.

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