Drama Club holding its ice cream fundraiser, which was postponed on Sept. 19. Although ASB had to approve their initial fundraisers, due to the event being postponed rather than cancelled, their fundraiser was automatically transferred over.

Back to School Night postponed, clubs lose money

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Back to School Night was rescheduled to Oct. 10 due to a two-hour lockdown on Sept. 19, the original date for the event. Although this decision seemed favorable to those who were concerned about the safety on campus that night, student groups said that they adjusted with difficulty, with certain organizations losing money.

Principal Debbie Stone said that she decided to postpone the event after speaking with teachers that afternoon with careful consideration of staff and students.

“I had probably a dozen staff members and teachers come to my office because I initially had said we will continue Back to School Night in an email,” Stone said. “Then, I had a dozen teachers come to me and say they just did not feel good. The impact of the lockdown had shaken them a little bit, and they did not feel that they would be able to focus.”

Junior Peiying He said that postponing the event was understandable because the situation of the lockdown was unclear, “bringing down her spirit.”

“Understandably, many parents wanted their children back home immediately [after the lockdown], and many students still felt anxious,” He said. “Because the situation was still uncertain, we didn’t know if it was safe to stay or return onto campus.” 

The rescheduling caused complications among student groups such as HOSA because they were late to pick up their fundraiser drinks due to the lockdown, causing their customers to wait longer than usual. However, when it was announced that the event was postponed, the club decided to cancel their other batches of orders.

“When we got the first batch of Tpumps drinks we decided that our main goal was to try to at least break even with the fund,” HOSA Secretary and sophomore Johanna Sycip said, “[but] that didn’t go so well so we decided to just give free Tpumps boba which saved people money.”                                                                                                  

Sycip said that HOSA ended up losing massive amounts of money from the cancelled fundraiser, but they dusted it off their shoulders and told themselves that they needed to start planning ahead on how they could get their money back.

“Seeing people’s faces brighten up and [how] they were shocked that we were actually giving out free boba really made me not think about the aftermath of this,” Sycip said, “I would do it all over again to see someone smile.” 

Although student groups lost money due to the fundraiser cancellations, Stone said that she was not notified of any major losses from this. 

“To me, typically, if I don’t hear directly from the [club] president, it’s not an issue,” Stone said. “If someone feels strongly about it, they’ll go to [Ms. Ferguson], and then she will bring it to me and work with the club.”

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