Katelyn Gov and her Cocker Spaniel, Butters

Katelyn Gov’s Cocker Spaniel

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What is the name of your dog? What breed is it?

A: My dog’s name is Butters, and he is a Cocker Spaniel.

When and how did you get your dog? How old was he/she?

A: I got my dog when I was in seventh grade; my brother really wanted a dog so he looked on Craigslist and bought Butter when he was around a few months old.

What is your dog’s temperament? (temperament = an animal’s behavior / personality and nature)

A: Butters’s temperament is that he’s always happy and energetic. He loves to meet new people when we take him out, but sometimes he will be shy and hide behind one of my brothers.

Describe something that you do everyday with your dog.

A: Something I do everyday with my dog is probably playing and taking a nap with him.

What does your dog like to do at home and outside of home?

A: At home my dog likes to play with his toys and outside he loves to run around and explore the area.

Describe a cute, yet frustrating experience that you have had with your dog.

A: A cute yet frustrating experience I had with my dog was when he had to take a pill. He wouldn’t eat the pill no matter what we did. We tried to put the pill on his food, treats, and peanut butter. My brother eventually tried peanut butter again with the pill inside and kind of forced open Butters’s mouth and he ate it, but it took a long time.

What is the funniest experience that you have had with your dog?

A: The funniest experience was probably when he was jealous of another dog that we had to take care of for a week or two. I would be with the other dog and I would hear Butters whining and looking at me.

Describe the sweetest thing that you have done for your dog or vice versa.

A: The sweetest thing I had done for Butters is probably just giving him peanut butter or buying him a new toy, or I bring him into my room at night because I feel bad that he’s downstairs all by himself.

In what ways would you consider your dog to stand out compared to other dogs?

A: I would consider Butters to stand out compared to other dogs because he’s just so happy that he can never hurt anyone on purpose and he would just show anyone he sees that he’s happy.

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