Pursuing their dreams through a positive mindset

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The program that started three years ago, PODER, (Pursuing Our Dreams through Education and Responsibility)  has been trying to get promoted and get the program well known. Although it’s similar to AVID PODER is a district created program; which is why the Alhambra school district has a different name for this college prep class. PODER is a college prep class that helps bring first-generation students to a four-year college and guide them through their process of applying for the college of their dreams. Guiding them through high school and helping them take advantage of so many programs the school and district have to offer so that the students don’t feel like they don’t have any support to help them get to college.


The PODER students, Isabel Barragan, Bryan Leao, Joy Solano, Jeffrey Mendoza, Jocelyn Montelon, Ashley Reyes, Alyssa Alba, and Gisselle Gonzalez, showed other students, parents, and administrators the importance of thinkingwith a positive mindset and everything you can accomplish thinking positively and never giving up on your dreams.


“Students ran the workshop to help showcase the knowledge they’ve learned and also to promote the PODER program,” Virginia Parra, English teacher and PODER Adviser, said. “It was an opportunity to partner with the college fair and share what our program is all about.”


The students of PODER put together a presentation describing their hopes and dreams for college and the main focus which was how to have a positive mind set and setting realistic goals for their future. Comparing what a positive and negative mindset can do to someone who is wanting to go towards going to college and graduate a four year university.


“The workshop was beneficial to students and parents, because it helped them understand how to communicate with each other to promote a growth mindset,” Parra said. “It helped the audience understand what students’ and parents’ common goals are and how to set reachable goals.”


During the presentation, the dream schools and future careers of these eight students were brought up, each with a different goal and path to follow. Volunteering on their own, these kids made a big impact to the parents of SG and even to the administrators of SG.


“You could tell the students worked very hard to come up with the presentation and activities to have the audience members engaged,” school counselor Maritza Cha said. “I especially liked hearing about the future college and career goals for the PODER students presenting.”

After the presentation concluded parents came up to the kids and congratulated them for the workshop. The workshop was important for the presenters but also for many parents that didn’t even think having a positive mindset was very important for college

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