Key Club promotes positivity, friendship at rally

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Along with raising money for the Pediatric Trauma Program, Division 10 South (D10S) Key Club and 47 other divisions in the California-Nevada-Hawaii district attended Fall Rally South (FRS) 2018 to spread positivity to other goers. As a part of D10S, SGHS Key Club attended FRS 2018, an annual event, at Six Flags Magic Mountain on Nov. 10.

“Fall Rally is pretty much a big party where you meet new people,” President senior Joyce Wu said.

Service Coordinator junior Bryan Wen expected to solely wait in line for rides so he decided to not attend FRS 2017 but attended FRS 2018 after hearing his friends rave about the event.

“If you look more in depth, it’s a lot more fun because you’re meeting people from other divisions from all over the state,” Wen said.

General Member freshman Sabrina Nguyen decided to attend FRS 2018 and found a sense of comfort in the ‘Free Hugs’ practice. Nguyen would see FRS attendees wearing ‘Free Hugs’ signs and welcoming other Key Clubbers to embrace them with a hug.

“I don’t really give hugs but just decided to hug these people,” Nguyen said. “I felt safe hugging them because there were many others [doing the same] and they seemed really friendly.”

Originally intending to be a fundraising event, FRS is a means of meeting new people. According to Wu, many still stay in touch through Snapchat, Instagram and other social media platforms.

“You see friendships blossoming right before your eyes,” Wen said. “Overall the event just has a positive environment, an environment you would want to surround yourself with. It’s quite an experience if you go.”

Wu prophecizes that Key Club will continue to attend FRS every year they are able to. She hopes that, in the future, more members will attend FRS as the number of attendees has been declining.

“[FRS] is memorable and crucial to experiencing the full package of Key Club,” Wu said. “It’s where members could celebrate the hard work of Key Club.”

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