1984 portrays a haunting dystopian future

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1984 is a dystopian classic written by George Orwell that captures the harsh oppression imposed by a totalitarian government, also known as “The Party.” Orwell sets the scene by showing the bleak environment and lifestyle of Party members. Winston, the protagonist, secretly leads a love life with another member named Julia after finding similar distaste toward Big Brother, the leader of the party. They eventually become captives of the Inner party and are tortured into submission.

Driven by an underground organization called the “brotherhood,” Winston and Julia turn against the party. However, the brotherhood is led by an official of the inner party: O’Brien; this shows the power and presence that the government can have. The curiosity of the human mind is suppressed and maintained by principles like “doublethink” and “newspeak,” ways of speech and thought that are regulated completely by the Party.

1984 shows a world ruled by a corrupt framework that constantly deceives its population, or “Proles,” with its mind tricks, like brainwashing them to believe that their continent is at war with different opponents. Constant monitoring by telescreens allows the Party to punish anybody that demonstrates free thought.

The novel is structured in a way that creates suspense and misleads the reader into thinking that there is a way out of the control of the government. The story shows remarkable character development and has a compelling plot.

Having written the novel in 1949, Orwell showed a frightening prediction of what could lie ahead in the future. Presently, the sales of 1984 have increased after the election of President Donald Trump. With the population fearing that a government like the Party will take control, 1984 is more relevant than ever before.

Orwell wrote a powerful piece that portrayed his nightmare of a vision. His timely book is a classic that readers of all ages should experience.

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