Loc brings dinosaurs to life on paper

Having free time at home, junior Melvin Loc takes his art supplies and starts drawing whatever comes to his mind. While drawing, he thinks about his future as an artist, and what kind of artist he wants to be.  Once he completes a piece of artwork, he starts a new one.

“[My art is] kind of a bit more realistickind of cartoony, but mostly realistic,” Loc said.

He started drawing at around the age of four or five. Loc did a few doodles here and there, but he started to get more into drawing towards his freshman year of high school. He developed his art style by taking inspiration from artists on social media.

“What inspired me are some artists: for example, a guy named James Gurney [who does] paleoart,” Loc said. “He also does scenery [drawings], like Bob Ross. Looking at the art is really nice, and it inspires me.”

Loc chose to do paleoart, which is drawing dinosaurs. His love for dinosaurs came from a young age, and he preferred to begin drawing what he loved most. The love of dinosaurs and paleoart, makes him want to become an artist in the future.

“I’m planning on doing an art major and probably get a job that is in the art department,” Loc said.

The field of visual arts he wants to major in is concept art. He wants to pursue art as a major because to him, art is something that keeps him calm and is a way for him to express his feelings on paper.

“The summer, transitioning from middle school to high school, I just didn’t feel like drawing, and I [did] something else,” Loc said. “The more I thought about it,  if I did [draw] more often, then I would like it, and now I do.”

Loc felt that he had something else better to do than art at that time, but the more he drew, the more he felt like art might be his calling. It is a stress reliever for him.

“Don’t lose inspiration and if you are [ever] in an art block, always keep on doodling, or sketching random stuff, and you might find something that is like your style, or something that will interest you,” Loc said.

When Loc returned to drawing, by being inspired and continue to pursue the art path, he continues to do what he loves: paleoart.

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