Chann doodles to prospective career path

Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Chann

Inspired by anime and artistic companions, sophomore Kaitlyn Chann began her path of developing her art as a young child. Chann’s determination to include art in her life has led her to consider pursuing it as a potential future occupation.

“Before, I used to see drawing as just a fun activity to pass the time,” Chann said. “I still do, but now, I also see art as a possible career path and a way to entertain others, such as creating webcomics, for example.”

Chann currently has a webcomic posted on the popular Korean webtoon portal, Line Webtoon, titled “Underachiever.” With two chapters released, her webcomic has been viewed over 1,000 times. To her, art is not just a hobby.

“It’s a love-hate relationship,” Chann said, “But overall, I wouldn’t label art as just an activity I like to do. It has become part of what defines me as a person.”

Drawing became one of Chann’s prioritized hobbies when she started to download drawing apps. She claims her art is “not the best” and is incessantly working on improving it.

“I tend to abandon projects or work-in-progresses,” Chann said. “Either because I’ve tried multiple times to fix [them] but it still doesn’t work out or I get too tied up with other stuff that I end [up] procrastinating and eventually put it off completely.”

Chann may encounter problems with her art, but her fondness for it keeps her from abandoning it. She finds it difficult to work on serious pieces due to the substantial amount of work assigned from her classes.

“I continue drawing because I always had a constant desire to improve,” Chann said. “And I would like to impress others with my art and be an inspiration to them as well.”

For her traditional art, Chann uses a 0.7 mm lead pencil and Sakura Pigma Microns for her sketch and line art. Subsequently, she will use color pencils or occasionally watercolors to color her artworks.

“To describe my art, I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a set style,” Chann said. “However, most of what I have produced is either anime based or cartoony. I also have a thing for soft coloring and making the colors come together aesthetically.”

Chann uses social platforms and softwares such as Drawcast, Framecast, Webtoon, Medibang and Instagram. She continues to pursue her passion of art thanks to the inspiration she gets from people online and the work of other artists.

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