Grab ‘N’ Go dwindles in popularity

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Grab ‘N’ Go breakfast, a program that serves students meals in the morning, has been slightly decreasing in the number of participants this year.

Implemented by the Alhambra Unified School District, their goal still stays the same with the belief that students can lessen tardiness and receive free access to breakfast with it. The program serves 620 to 640 meals daily, compared to the 700 to 750 meals served last year. Cafeteria manager, Roxanne Venegas, encourages more students to take advantage of Grab ‘N’ Go as they would not have to wait in a long line to receive food. The program gives a variety of items to choose from and take with you to eat at any time.

“The count decreased slightly from last year,” Venegas said. “Mondays seem to be the lowest participation days, [which] may be due to attendance.”

Even as the count dropped, Venegas stands by the purpose of Grab ‘N’ Go and approves the benefits of it.

“Maybe you have after school obligations and you already had breakfast at home,” Venegas said. “You can grab some cereal and maybe some raisins or craisins and mix it with the dry cereal and make some trail mix for an energizing snack. We would love to see the participation with this program increase and be used to its full potential.”

Due to the many benefits that Grab ‘N’ Go presents, the cafeteria staff also have had positive reactions to the almost year-old installment. They believe that it is favorable in terms of time as waiting in other lines such as lunch to get food takes longer.

“It helps by not having them wait, save time, and they can take it anywhere,” cafeteria staff worker Chhaya Krieg said.

Sophomore Brian Tran thinks that Grab ‘N’ Go continues to give convenience to his morning.

“I [get] Grab ‘N’ Go daily because of the fact that my mornings [are] basically such a rush,” Tran said. “This has been so easy to get breakfast since it doesn’t take so long.”

Located at the main entrance, in front of the south parking lot, and in the cafeteria, the program hopes to provide more students nutritional take outs.

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