Helping Hands gives internships to students

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Helping Hands, a new club started by freshman Chelsea Lam, provides internships to students and helps them stay connected to facilities outside of school.

“This club focuses on helping students and the community,” Lam said. “[It is] unlike other clubs, because they just help the community and do community work.”

Lam thought of the idea for a new club when she realized that none of the existing clubs catered to her interests.

“I felt like most of [the clubs] were overrated,” Lam said. “I should… help other students who think like me [and have] the same opinions. [The club] has more of a variety, like science, math, language arts and any other subjects.”

The initial idea for the club was brought up in Jose Zaragoza’s class. He is a computer teacher and club administrator, along with Paulina Diaz Serrano, the CTE adviser. With the organization still being new, its cabinet is in the process of figuring out the focal point of their purpose.

“We’re kind of narrowing it down,” Zaragoza said. “I think what she’s going to offer is the direct conduit to different areas, like I did today. I have a direct internship with Bethany Church.”

Helping Hands provides inclusive support for all types of career interests.

“I have clinical psychologists, I have writers, I have artists, I have engineers,” Zaragoza said. “We’ll try our best to service everybody.”

Lam hopes to develop her skills as a leader as the club continues growing.

“She’s a freshman and doesn’t have the experience just yet,” Zaragoza said. “She does have a vision, and she’s passionate about this vision, so with it is going to come learning experiences like with any other club.”

With an unexpectedly high amount of people that attended the first meeting, the leaders of Helping Hands feel confident in the future of their club.

“Now I kind of have hope, but at the same time I’m not sure because the future is unpredictable,” Lam said.

Meetings are every Monday during lunch in B3.


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