Homecoming dance causes inconveniences for the students

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In order to prevent unnecessary expenses from the homecoming dance, the administration hosted it right after the homecoming football game on Sept. 28. However, hosting the dance on a weekday ultimately ended up being an unnecessary burden to the students.

Knowing that the homecoming dance would take place with classes and the football game prior, students found it difficult to prepare and get ready for the dance. Considering a full day of classes and a football game lay before the dance, dressing formally was not easy for students. So, students were forced to either wear their uncomfortable dance attire throughout their classes or dress in casual school attire to the evening event.

Moreover, the whole traditional essence of homecoming is to welcome back and honor alumni. With the dance taking place on a weekday, it is more difficult for alumni to make their way out to a homecoming event. Since the events are on the same night, if they miss the game, they miss the dance. On the other hand, if the dance were to take place on a weekend, it would be more convenient for alumni to attend at least one of the two events.

Others may argue that hosting the dance on a Friday night is favorable for students who do not have methods of transportation to and from school simply because they can stay on campus the whole day. Yes, students do not have to go the extra mile to find a way to school for the dance as they would for a dance on the weekend; however, a lot of wait time in between school hours and the homecoming football game and dance still persists— without rides, students are forced to wait countless hours on campus if they plan to attend the after-school activities.

Associated Student Body made efforts to push the dance to the weekend, but the administration declined because it would cost more money. Nonetheless, the school should consider the needs of the students over its own needs.


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