Benjamin Coria – Band Director

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Q: What did you do before coming here?

A: “Before teaching here, I taught at several schools including Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, an all-girls boarding and day school, and KIPP Los Angeles College Preparatory, a middle school in Boyle Heights.  I also produced some music for some TV shows and documentaries, but my main focus has been music education.”


Q: What do you plan on accomplishing this school year?

A: “This year, I want to maintain the strong band program that is in place.  Maybe I can gradually introduce some new things like music technology, composition, jazz, and theory, which are my specialties. I also plan to digitize our sheet music library and continue to polish out instrument inventory.”


Q: What is one thing you’ve always wanted to do?

A: “I’ve always wanted to write music for a feature-length cartoon. I love cartoons and the music for cartoons is uniquely creative in its storytelling. That would be a fun project.”


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