New Business and Activities Assistant Principal Diana Diaz-Ferguson

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Q: What would you like to accomplish here?

A: “I hope to [bring] a positive experience for all students and help facilitate that all students are included. In addition to academics, they have extra curricular activities that challenge and expose them to grow as life-learners. I want them to feel [like] a part of the high school, that they are able to make an impact and develop talent. I want to support them with their interests while they are here with us.”

Q: What inspired you to work in the educational setting?

A: “I love education. I think that education is a discipline where you can really make an impact and change lives. It has a transformative power. The educational opportunity that I was afforded was very significant in my own life. I feel very passionate to provide the same access and community for the students. Most of my education has been in other fields. I’ve always loved education and I continued in it. I love working with students and supporting teachers.”

Q: If you could have a superpower, what would you choose?

A: “I have two kids and they love superheroes. I would make sure that no one goes hungry, ever, multiply food and make sure everyone is fed. The access to food and healthy food is a basic human need. I find it unfortunate that kids have difficulties accessing that, and adults too. This comes from my own kids and my personal love for food.”

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