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Spring Dance Showcase displays amazing performances

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The annual Spring Dance Showcase featured past pep rally performances as well as individual, duo, trio, and small group pieces performed by Colorguard, Choreo, and All Male, was held in the Matador Arena on April 27. An audience of more than 150 people came to support the three performing groups.

The showcase started with Choreo’s award-winning pom routine followed by a sneak peek of All Male’s and Colorguard’s Academic Pep Rally (APR) routine. Complications with the speakers arose when it was junior Cindy Feng’s turn to perform her individual piece. The students in the audience did not seem surprised; however, it did startle some people in the audience, including the performer herself.

“We [were] taught to never stop dancing when the music cuts off, so the only choice was to keep dancing even without the music,” Feng said. “I tried my best with the circumstances that were presented so I feel accomplished with what I put out there. I just hope [the audience] had as much of a good time as I did.”

There was an intermission in the middle of the showcase for performers to rest and the audience to socialize and visit the snack bar. Afterwards, an emotional, contemporary duo piece was performed by All Male dancer senior Peter Khant and Choreo dancer junior Cindy Feng.

“The story was all about concepts,” Khant said. “[It] was to really show that dance could be about connecting to the music rather than just moving our bodies. The beginning of the [piece] was all about Cindy and I struggling to forget each other and the end was about just letting go. Overall, it’s about a journey of a couple finding themselves more so than understanding each other.”

In the audience, it was Colorguard performer sophomore Levin Chang’s first time performing and attending a showcase. He gave many shoutouts to show his support for his friends performing. Although Chang did not perform in any routines other than with his team, he believed it was important to make the performers feel special before performing.

“Being able to watch people perform like that really inspired me,” Chang said. “It made me realize how much work they put into the team. It’s really nice to be able to see how it all translates into their performance.”

At the end of the showcase, the current Choreo captain, senior Sara Hang and co-captain Anny Li Wu announced next year’s captain and co-captain: juniors Carmen Liang and Cindy Feng. Before the announcement, however, Choreo performed their Spring Rally routine for a final time, this time with a shoutout from their injured captain.

“To my Choreo loves, thank you for making me so proud this year,” Hang said. “I feel so honored to dance with you all one last time even if it’s just for 5 seconds.”

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