Choreo topples comeptition, wins first place

The Choreo Dance Team finished their 2018 competition season by winning first place and receiving the highest score in the pom category Choreo has ever received in competition. The competition was held by Miss Drill Dance Team USA (MDDTUSA) at Six Flags Magic Mountain on April 22.

“I really did not expect our performance to get a 94.5,” senior Mandy Liu said. “But it was a well deserved score and I am grateful that the judges acknowledged our efforts and skills.”

Despite the time crunch with other activities Choreo was involved in, such as preparing for their dance showcase and the Academic Pep Rally, they were able to pull through and execute their routine as best as they could.

“We definitely struggled throughout the year with this routine,” junior Carmen Liang said. “We changed [the routine] a whole bunch to get it to perfection and to the expectations the judges wanted us to exceed.”

It was Choreo’s first time winning first place at a MDDTUSA competition. This win was also the first time Choreo 2017-18 won first place.

“As our team was being announced first place winners, I felt very excited and I was happy that everyone was able to experience the joyous event,” sophomore Sydney Lai said.

The mood of the weather set off the vibe for the day. Junior Ella Sanchez explained how the heat became a factor in the competition.

“The weather was really hot and made me really uncomfortable before competing,” Sanchez said. “It was worse when we went on stage and laid on the floor where it was even hotter because of the stage lights.”

After the competition was over, Choreo was able to bond for the rest of the day at the amusement park.

“The whole team went on rides together and it was so fun,” freshman Rachel Szeto said. “It’s nice to have a team bonding experience outside of school and the dance studio. We tried to explore the whole theme park.”

Choreo finished their season with this final competition.


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