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Crushing the boba game

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The first time I went to Bubble Crush, a new local boba shop, was on East Garvey Avenue. The room was quite spacious with an open counter for the cash register and a clothed door to the kitchen. As I make my way through the store, I noticed that the tables were huge and the chairs were comfortable, making it an ideal place to hang out with friends, work, or wait for your order. The most noticeable thing about the store was its aesthetic because of the small decorations, fairy lights, and color palette.

Bubble Crush advertised their boba as quality bubble tea made with no powder, fruit syrup, and creamers. As a fellow boba lover, I was shocked about their statement since most boba places use those ingredients for their drinks.

Before I ordered, I was offered samples of their most popular drinks: Strawberry matcha latte, Matcha tea with cheese foam, Mixed fruits tea, or Ceylon milk tea with tiramisu puff cream.

I decided to order the Ceylon milk tea with tiramisu puff cream because I do not usually see that combination in other local boba places. The total rounded out to be 5 dollars including tax. The wait for the drink was fairly long because there was only one cashier handling the orders and passing out the drinks.

The most noticeable thing about the drink was the size. It was in a fairly large cup which was good bc the Bubble Crush only offers one size. I used my spoon to eat the tiramisu puff cream first before drinking the Ceylon milk tea. The puff cream was surprisingly heavy; it tastes like whipped heavy cream with cream cheese with an after kick of the coffee and chocolate flavor. I proceeded to mix the drink by tilting it at a 45-degree angle both side to retain some of the tiramisu puff cream but still mixing it with the milk tea. Compared the sample, the flavor of the Ceylon milk tea with a hint of coffee cream cheese foam was very consistent. The milk tea reminded me of Royal milk tea, which is made by boiling fresh milk and tea leaves together. My initial thought about the drink was that it felt like I was drinking a cake. The tea was extremely thick and creamy from the puff cream and natural ingredients Bubble Crush used.

From the size and consistency, the drink was very filling and worth the price. Despite the drinks being on the pricier side, the customers are paying for the extra quality. For a place that claims to use fresh milk, tea, and natural ingredients, it is worth coming here and trying the Ceylon milk tea with tiramisu puff cream.


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