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Nintendo thinks inside the box with Nintendo Labo

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Break out the boxes because Nintendo has come up with a very unexpected new way to play, the Nintendo Labo, a series of papercraft-esque toys that involve the Nintendo Switch console and joycons(joysticks). The crafts can range from pianos, backpacks, houses, fishing rods, and even motorcycle handles. The new Do It Yourself (DIY) setups are known as Toy-Cons.

All the Toy-Cons are built from cardboard DIY cutouts and are designed to play specific new games launching with the new toys. What sets these apart from regular cardboard boxes is the intense magnetic tape and plastic wiring inside these models, specifically made for the Joy-Cons and Gamepad. It can be inserted and played in a unique way. The kits themselves contain linear instructions on how to build whatever is advertised on the box and what game is included with said package.

Of course, the Toy-Cons are designed for kids, and have a special separate designer kit to customize and color for themselves. Stencils, stickers, and custom tape are advertised in the package.

Nintendo Labo, the Toy-Con kits, and new series of games, are currently selling for a price of $69.99 for the Variety Package, filled with multiple smaller Toy-Cons, and $79.99 for the Robot Suit Package, which includes a robot suit Toy-Con fit for the back. They are set to release in April 2018.

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