D10S breaks four-year streak, takes home Spirit Stick

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San Gabriel High School Key Club attended Fall Rally South (FRS) 2017 with Division 10 South (D10S) at Six Flags Magic Mountain on Nov. 11, along with over 40 other divisions in the Cali-Nev-Ha district. The annual event is held with the sole purpose of raising money for the Pediatric Trauma Program by holding an auction and a competition to win the Spirit Stick.

The main event at FRS is the rally where divisions compete for the Spirit Stick and can buy members of the district board in an auction with the money they raised. This year, D10S was able to buy Immediate Past Lieutenant Governor (LTG) and District Convention (DCON) Chair Samantha Voong and current LTG Wilson Yeung, using the $3,800 dollars that they raised. In addition, D10S, led by junior Mark Keppel LTG Wilson Yeung, took back the Spirit Stick after 4 years.

“Honestly, I didn’t think we would win at all because at the spirit sessions, no one really seemed to care but we really came in clutch,” Service Chair senior Lucy Nguyen said. “We were really small in size and the chants were a bit cringey, but I’m not complaining.”

The division spent several weeks in advance planning spirit sessions and fundraisers in preparation for FRS. Members of D10S memorized three main cheers, three entrance cheers, 12 side cheers, and 15 comeback cheers for the rally and impromptu spirit battles.

“I noticed that people gradually started to attend the spirit sessions as fall rally crept closer,” Key Club Secretary junior Irene Lu said. “[Despite] the cheers and attitudes of my fellow Key clubbers this year, I was unsure if we would win.”

Divisions entered the Golden Bear Theatre with hopeful spirits and good sportsmanship. Suspense rose as everyone stomped on the benches and waved their pom poms. Of nine divisions, three made it to the final round: Divisions 10 South, 15 East, and 35 East.

“I think once [our division] realized that we had made it that far, everyone was determined to win and take the spirit stick home,” Lu said.

D10S finished their last cheer and waited for the district executives to make their final decision. As the group waited in anticipation, several key clubbers created a drumroll and were kept in silent suspension. When 10 South was declared the winners of the rally, everyone broke out in tears and joy.

“When they called 10 South, it secured our triumphthe victory that we were never able to reach for 4 years,” Yeung said. “I ran to my bidders downstage and tripped on my long skirt and fell, but I was yelling and crying at the same time.”

According to Yeung, this was the biggest accomplishment the division could achieve. D10S, filled with joy and excitement for their new win, chanted Yeung’s name and cheered each other on.

“When I stood on stage and looked out into the sea of blue and yellow, I couldn’t believe that I have the honor and privilege to serve as their Lieutenant Governor,” Yeung said. “FRS 2017 was my true Key Club moment.”

Key Club will be hosting another major 3-day, 2-night event, DCON, on April 13-15, 2018 in Reno, Nevada, where members will be able to participate in workshops, attend speeches, and meet other key clubbers.

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