Bus passes enforced for bus riders, remain free to all students

As of Tuesday, Dec. 5, San Gabriel High School (SGHS) bus passes are being enforced. Now that freshman have picked up their bus passes from the Business and Activities office, students are required to use their pass to board the bus. If students have last year’s issued bus passes, they may still use them for the bus.

Alongside the implementation of the Zonar System on the buses, Alhambra Unified School District (AUSD) has confirmed that students are required to use their bus passes in order to board the bus. However, these passes will not cost $100 a semester as stated last year.

According to Nico Richardson, AUSD Director of Transportation Services, students will not be charged for the bus passes. The only fee students may need to pay is for the loss of their passes, which cost $5 to replace. In comparison, other schools, such as Mark Keppel High School, charge students for their bus passes. The reason SGHS students are not being charged for their passes is because the majority of students are receiving free and reduced lunch.

Students must have their bus passes on them as the district wants to monitor who is taking the busthose who consistently ride the bus and those who are not as frequent. Richardson also stated that those who lose their pass must get a temporary pass right away. If a student repeatedly forgets to have their pass on hand, their bus privileges may be suspended for a couple of days and a notification will be sent to the parents and the school.

“When [students] stand in line, we [are] probably going to set two different lines for the buses,” Richardson said. “We’re going to put a line for the students that have the card, and the students without the pass would be the last ones to the bus.”

Sophomore Samson Wong sees both pros and cons of the bus pass system.

“In my opinion, I don’t think the bus passes are necessary since people are not using them because the people [who use] the bus are the same people anyways,” Wong said. “I mean, the bus passes could be useful if they are tracking those who are going on.”

Junior Isaac Salazar also shares the same opinion on bus passes.

“I feel like it’s not necessary to use it because everyone has to be somewhere,” Salazar said. “What happens if you forget your card? No one will always have their pass on them; basically, it’s a hassle for us.”

According to Richardson, there are currently 1,247 bus-riders, but only about 300 of them use their pass. Students must have their passes at hand before hopping on the bus. Any further questions about the bus passes can be directed to the Business and Activities Office or Facilities and Transportation Services at AUSD.


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