Warframe launches Plains of Eidolon

On October 12, Digital Extreme’s (DE) Warframe launched its largest and most anticipated update: Plains of Eidolon. On July 8, DE revealed at TennoCon their most revolutionary update up-to-date which highlights the introduction of an open-world terrain for Warframe. Plains of Eidolon offers new enemy units to fight, resources to collect and use for redeeming or crafting, and a colony to explore and experience. Cetus, a settlement near the Plains of Eidolon, is home to the Ostrons.

Accordingly, every new update usually comes with new mission types. These missions, referred to as Bounties, can be accessed by talking to Konzu near the gateway to the Plains. There are five different Bounties that players may choose from that are periodically generated and reset every two hours. However, these Bounties do not have a single objective unlike the rest of Warframe’s mission nodes. Each mission has a series of objectives—which scales higher the mission tier is—and connects with the theme of the Bounty. Upon completing a Bounty, players are given one of the many rewards listed per mission and standing with the Ostrons—players can only collect standing from each mission once every cycle.

While exploring the Plains of Eidolon, players can collect many new resources exclusive to the region. Players can take up a fishing spear—can be purchased from Hai-Luk—and collect several types of fish, varying from small, medium, and large. The types of fish may vary per fishing hole and the time of day on the Plains—whether it be day or night. Along with fishing, players can also mine ores and minerals with a Nosam Cutter, a device that can be bought from Old Man Suumbaat.

With these new resources, players can trade them in at designated vendors for standing with the Ostrons or more resources. Caught fish could be traded in to Hai-Luk for resources and standing, while ores and minerals with Old Man Suumbaat. Better versions of the equipments for both fishing and mining can be bought from their designated vendors. Other than there being resource vendors, there are also vendors who allow you to craft new weapons and Kubrow/Kavat customizations as well as decorations for the player’s Orbiter. In order to craft weapons, blueprints for the parts must be bought from Hok and crafted in the Foundry. There are three parts required to build a weapon, however, there are different parts that affect the stats of the weapon and what their weapon type is.

Despite all these new features that have been added into Warframe, new players should not just dive straight into the Plains. The Plains is technically a full spoiler zone despite being available to the game early on. Many of the new features require a lot of prior knowledge and features from playing the game. Even then, those features are also spoilers for newcomers as they are acquired from story line quests throughout the Star Chart. It is recommended that players should complete all the main quests up to The War Within before continuing onto the Plains of Eidolon. For advanced players, the grind wall is huge and takes a long time to overcome. The Plains requires lots of time and resources dedicated in order to unlock a majority of items locked by the syndicate tier system. Many players are complaining that the new Warframe, Gara, is really hard to farm for because of all the other rewards in the Bounty rewards list. Unlike Void Relics, there is no way to increase the probability of getting a higher tier reward by applying a substance to Konzu. Aside from gluing Konzu with Void Traces, players will just have to farm the hard way and dedicate a majority of their time farming for Gara and hope that RNG (Random Number Generator) will be on their side.

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