Say hello to HiTea

By Sunhi & Ahyoung Nguyen

We were passing by while getting a boba drink at Half and Half at the restaurants of the Mar center in Monterey Park, we noticed there was a bright red banner on top of the grand opening store’s building. The sign explained that there would be free drinks on Sept. 28 and 30, giving us a great deal where you buy one and get another free on Oct. 1. Unfortunately, we did not come to those days with the great deals.

When you walk into the shop, you immediately will see two small tables with chairs on each side. There are also benches decorated with beautiful flowers where you can sit and just talk with your friends. The plants were beautiful, and the colors were matching with the shop itself.

Entering the shop, there was nice greeting towards us and ask us to take our time on ordering. Taking a glance around the place where you can actually bring your laptop to work on upcoming reports or even study for your upcoming tests. The place also has free wifi if you want to go there to play your mobile phone games or scroll through your social media. It is not too crowded nor too empty.

HiTea has three snacks: Universal curry fish eggs, Creme bruise, and Bake crispy sausage. All the drinks have their drinks had dependable prices on basic how the drink is made in. The drinks and foods in the shop price are the range to $2.75 to $5.95. The items are we have ordered is the oreo milk tea that cost about $4.95 and the puff cream bubble milk tea, which cost  $4.25, one slice of  Green Tea Melaleuca Cake cost around $9.25. The oreo milk tea mostly tastes like cookies and cream ice cream but in a milk tea form.

Sophomore Jaelen Nguyen went to the HiTea once and got the puff cream bubble milk tea. He explains how the boba meets his expectations on how he likes the boba taste like.

“The puff cream bubble milk tea since I order with boba in it, the boba has a bite to it, yet it not too hard not too soft; it’s just right. The drink itself has a creamy texture. I highly recommend this place for the people who like to study outdoor,” Nguyen said.

However, for the one piece of the Green Tea Melaleuca Cake was a bit pricey for one slice of cake. If you like matcha tea favor stuff, then this piece of cake will meet your taste bud. For all that, the cake was a bit dry, since they put the whole cake in the fridge for display.

We highly recommend HiTea if you’re looking for another boba shop nearby the Monterey Park city or a place where you can hang out with your friends.



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