Anything can happen

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Change is inevitable. I never liked change. Change to me meant new obstacles, new problems, new people, and new setbacks.

Life is surreal as a senior. I honestly don’t know exactly how I grew up so fast. I hate change, but love growth. I guess this is very hypocritical and contradicting of me. However, growing up to me means evolving from your past self to be a better version of yourself.

I didn’t always like the idea of growing up. When I was younger, I never did anything out of my repetitive routine. Additionally, I never cared for other people’s details about their lives. I was extremely quiet. I kept to myself and cared for no one else. I was pretty much obedient. I was controlling and a perfectionist. I dreaded presentations and projects and anything that involved human interaction. I stayed in my comfort zone.

Then high school approached. I still remember my first day of freshman year; I was very scared. I had the worst misconceptions of high school: Hogwarts and East High Wildcats. I was desperate for high school to just go by in a snap. Very desperate. I did not like my classes and I did not like the unfamiliar faces I came across in hallways and lunchtime. I missed middle school.

But by the end of my freshman year, I was tired; I was tired of the same boring routine of mine: waking up, going to school, going home, doing homework, eating dinner, showering, and sleeping.

One day, I decided to look up from the grounds of campus and read all of the flyers. There was only one that said: “Newspaper and yearbook are recruiting!” I took a risk and made the decision of applying for newspaper.

My freshman self hadn’t expected anything from San Gabriel High School. I was still frustrated about the fact that I had to go to a high school far from the city I was used to and grew up in— Rosemead. I had thought I was going to stay in Garvey School District, but the reality was, there was no high schools in the district. I was sent to Alhambra Unified School District.

I began to explore more about myself, learn more about my peers, and take more risks. Next thing I knew, I voluntarily chose to take honors and AP classes, to participate in clubs of interests and service, to join the swim team, and to start conversations with the unfamiliar faces.

Gradually, I became attached to San Gabriel because I would rather be at school than at home. Back then, I never thought high school would end, but now, I sort of somewhat do not want high school to end. It is bittersweet just to think of the last days.

I made it through three years of high school and thrived a little more each year. It is difficult to remember the person I was three years ago. To be honest, I just want to forget who I was and just explore who I am.

High school is four years of your life. There will be changes in the four years— terrific and terrible. Whether a freshmen, sophomore, junior, or senior, a journey awaits and the outcome of it will be something you never saw coming. I’ve accepted the changes.

Four years may not seem like it is a lot, however, anything can happen. Whatever happens in and after May 2018, I will be holding on to all of the memories with me wherever I go.


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