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Virtual dreams become reality

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In recent weeks, I came face to face with the dazzling Virtual Reality headset. Thanks to Alex Karayan, game enthusiast, a VR set was brought over for students willing to take a step into the makeshift world the computer makes. A Gamertech brand VR set to be exact. The world I was immersed in was the popular mobile game adaption, Fruit Ninja. It felt real, like I really was slicing fruit with the swords given to me. It lasted awhile, or so I thought.

When I took off the set, it was only a minute out of the real world and all I was really doing was waving my arms slightly according to spectators. But the headset made such a minimal task feel like a rush of energy and tests your mind to believe the world the headset made. I asked others how they felt with the headset. Senior Kryston Nguyen played the other game provided, an ocean simulator and said “It was very realistic, cool. A whole new experience. You see boats and a big whale coming towards me, realistically sized.”

If this is the future of technology that people have tried so much to reach in the past, then I fully welcome this new era with open arms. But maybe they could make the aftermath of using the machine less disorienting. If you have $600 and want a completely new experience, this VR set is ready.

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