Reusable water bottle becoming a trend

As reusable water bottles become the new trend, students more commonly bring reusable water bottles to school. Over the years, bottles have developed from plain silver cans to stylish bottles. From Hydro Flasks to Adidas water bottles, to thermostat bottles. It has been convenient for not only athletes but for everyone, too.

It is much easier [to have a reusable water bottle] because I can refill it and bring it to my room and not have a bunch of empty water bottles lying around,” freshman Katelyn Manzo said.

Manzo also said that her Hydro Flask can carry 32 ounces, which helps to have one container that holds so much water to last her throughout her seven-hour school day and soccer practice after school. In another athlete’s perspective of having a hydro flask bottle is beneficial because “[he is] in volleyball so the reusable water bottle is very convenient and can carry more water,” sophomore Raymond Truong said.

Not only is it very convenient, but it is also affordable because it is reusable. The prices can range from $7-$10 for a standard reusable water bottle that can be purchased at Walmart or Target. But if you are looking for a brand named bottle that can keep your water cold or hot, such as a Hydro Flask, prices may vary. Starting prices are $30-$100.

However, there are other brands that are not Hydro Flasks that can also keep your liquid insulated. Freshman Lwin Aung said he uses his thermo bottle  “for tea, water, and others” and the bottle was only $7. So if you are looking for fashionable or just any reusable bottles, you can always buy them at your local store.

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